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Poultry Unit Study
by Kym and Chantelle Wright

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The Poultry Unit Study is geared for all ages, and is a great study for the whole family's involvement.


In a Nutshell:

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Special Features:


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Topics Covered

 Going through the main characteristics of poultry, there are hands-on activities for each topic covered. Descriptions of each area follows:

bulletKym's Konstruction Kit shows how to use the poultry unit study, using the personalized lesson plans which walks you through daily activities on each specific topic.
bulletThe Course Outline. Tells the areas covered in order, and what each child should learn and be able to demonstrate from using this unit. There are Field Trip ideas and hints on Locating Poultry, locally and on the 'Net.
bulletStudy is focused on the food & housing needs of poultry, and their history along with cliches. Scientific Classification, breeds and anatomy are covered, as are incubating eggs, health and diseases.
bulletLessons on setting up a Business & Marketing Plan along with the Buying Poultry forms help you determine why you're buying them, and how to turn this venture into a business.
bulletScripture References for poultry, a Books & Literature list for all ages, and vocabulary words listed topically (by lesson). The Writing Ideas give many fun and challenging assignments from which to choose.
bulletFunSheetsTM (child-tested fun workpages) are included for the science experiments, and to further the student's learning of the material. Maps are given for origins, and there is a Border Sheet to color for penmanship display of a Bible verse.
bulletIncubating Eggs and SuperMarket Dissection! are experiments the children will enjoy. They will also do many other hands-on projects.
bulletResource lists for magazines, suppliers, registries and more.

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